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Spiritually prepared?

I kind of diapered for awhile, sorry! Life has had a lot of changes in store for my family and I, most of them have been great. We have been doing well, I’ve just been so busy living life and focusing on my family that I haven’t been able to set aside time to write.

Lately what’s been on my mind has been spiritual preparedness. In my journey, I’ve found more than once that when things get good for awhile, I start focusing my time less on my relationship with  my Heavenly Father and more on the day to day worries and stresses that come my way. Little by little, before I know it I’m finding myself stressed to the limit with no real reason as to why. When I finally slow down enough to contemplate what’s on my mind and why I’m worried, I find it’s always the same answer: I haven’t been making enough time for my spiritual health. Scripture study instead of a lifeline becomes something I don’t have time for because of XYZ. Constant prayer becomes prayers at mealtimes and with the family, not personal throughout the day. My perspective begins ever so slightly to shift to things in the here and now, and I begin to lose sight of the bigger picture.

I had this epiphany (again…) just this week. What did I do about it? Re-focus! I Gave up my excuses and MADE time to study and read scripture and pray. I shifted my perspective back to the things that really matter, and soon enough I found myself relaxing more and more, becoming less worried about the things that were stressing me out.

I’m a homeschooling mom, and part of that for me is a huge responsibility to teach my children how to develop a relationship with their Heavenly Father. It is my personal belief that if they can find faith in Jesus Christ, along with skills to cope when life gets tough, then they will be successful adults and will be able to return to heaven someday.

When I get stressed out and lose focus, I find it rather difficult to teach the things of most importance to my kids. It’s much easier to talk about eternal truths freely when I’m on track with my personal study and prayers. If you’ve ever flown on an airplane, the safety video reminds you to put your mask on BEFORE helping anyone else, including your children. Why? Because if you don’t have oxygen you won’t be of any help to anyone around you.

I often find it difficult to put my well-being at the top of my priority list, and that’s always a dangerous thing to do. Because what good will I be to this world, to my husband and children, if I am not taking care of myself? We can make a difference, we are important, and we are all here for a reason (and it’s a good one!) So keep your spirit healthy, seek your relationship with your loving Father in Heaven, he is the only one who will NEVER let you down! If you have this relationship properly prioritized, everything else is much easier to balance.

And to end this post, I’d like to share one of my favorite songs by Steven Curtis Chapman.



The past two weeks went so fast it feels like a blur. Have you ever felt like life is going 100 miles a minute and all you want to do is slow it down? What happens when the plans you make don’t work out?

I have a tendency to worry about everything when what we planned for our future doesn’t work out. I find it so easy to forget when plans fall apart that my life is in my Heavenly Father’s hands. If something isn’t going the way I expected, that’s because my Heavenly Father has something better in mind.

When I remember this, I then scramble to try to figure out what it is he has in mind (I’m not exactly a patient person). While I truly believe my life is in God’s hands, I also believe I need to do everything I can to diligently seek the solution to whatever problem is at hand. But this is where I allow far too much worry and stress into my life! Add restless nights trying to figure it all out RIGHT NOW before I fall asleep to an already busy life, and you’ve got a recipe for disaster.

It is in the silent moments (which are rare with young kids!) when my mind is empty and I am calm that I realize how caught up I am in my own drama. These moments tend to come when I pray, and earnestly seek an answer from my Heavenly Father. This is when I realize just how much unnecessary worrying I’ve been doing, and that I really need to just relax and put my trust in God. In these moments, I am rejuvenated and reminded of the big picture. When I’m aware of how much I have let stress take over, it helps me put everything back into perspective and get back on top of things.

So now what? Well, I’ve stopped worrying (for now). I have reminded myself of my priorities, and am ready to resume day to day life without worry. I’m making it a point this week to slow down and enjoy time with my kids. They have a magical view of the world, and when I see it through their eyes it’s almost like the clock stops (until the dishes need to be done). After all,

“This is Life don’t miss it”



It has been one year on Mother’s Day since I last spoke to my mother. In that time my soul has been grappling with this word. What does it mean? What does God expect of me? How can I forgive while still protecting myself and my family from those who have hurt me, and would continue to do so if I let them back into my life? Can I really let this relationship go? How can I fill the void in my heart where all this anger, hurt and pain is? If they never come around, how will I be able to let this go? Will I be able to return to my Father in Heaven if I do not let my them back in my life? Is it possible to forgive someone within your family without associating with them? What should I do? What is best in my situation?

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Easter Reflections


It’s been far too long since I have written. It took more out of me to share my story than I expected, but I’m back and ready to continue writing!

This year was one of the best Easter’s I have ever had, simply because I was able to focus on the real meaning behind the Holiday. For far too many years it was hurry, get the eggs colored, buy the candy and hide the Easter eggs, how much money do we have to spend on Easter basket gifts, rush rush rush! I find this to be the default setting for myself when it comes to all holidays, which leads me to ask myself “when did I become the boring grown up who doesn’t even like Holidays?”

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