Trials of Faith

Have you ever pondered who you would be if nothing bad had ever happened to you? Or if there was a loving God out there who really cared about you, why would he let you experience pain, heartache, abuse, depression, and all other ailments we face?

As I read the story of Abraham and Isaac tonight- I learned about myself. For years this story has bugged me: why would God ever even ASK someone to sacrifice their child?! Here’s what I learned:
1. Isn’t that what he did when he sent Christ to atone for all of us?
2. If he never tried Abraham’s faith, would he be able to do all God needed him to?

So how does this apply to me you might ask. Well it’s simple. You see, God has given me a lot of faith building experiences, None of which were easy. I cannot tell you the amount of times I have asked “why me?!” Yet when I look at the bigger picture I can see that I would have never grown if I had never been through hard times. In fact, I would be a pretty bland person if I never experienced anything bad in life. But it is important to acknowledge that the only reason I am content today is because I have a Savior who helped me through and I allowed him in to do so. Because of this I have become the person I am today, which is a lot better than the person I was yesterday. Because I trust in him, he provides what I need in all aspects of life.
And because I have faith in him, not only will he continue to help me through, but he will give me opportunities to teach those around me about his great love.

So I ask you this: will you trust him to grow your faith in the face of despair? Will you acknowledge his hand in your life? What kind of person will you chose to be?


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