The past two weeks went so fast it feels like a blur. Have you ever felt like life is going 100 miles a minute and all you want to do is slow it down? What happens when the plans you make don’t work out?

I have a tendency to worry about everything when what we planned for our future doesn’t work out. I find it so easy to forget when plans fall apart that my life is in my Heavenly Father’s hands. If something isn’t going the way I expected, that’s because my Heavenly Father has something better in mind.

When I remember this, I then scramble to try to figure out what it is he has in mind (I’m not exactly a patient person). While I truly believe my life is in God’s hands, I also believe I need to do everything I can to diligently seek the solution to whatever problem is at hand. But this is where I allow far too much worry and stress into my life! Add restless nights trying to figure it all out RIGHT NOW before I fall asleep to an already busy life, and you’ve got a recipe for disaster.

It is in the silent moments (which are rare with young kids!) when my mind is empty and I am calm that I realize how caught up I am in my own drama. These moments tend to come when I pray, and earnestly seek an answer from my Heavenly Father. This is when I realize just how much unnecessary worrying I’ve been doing, and that I really need to just relax and put my trust in God. In these moments, I am rejuvenated and reminded of the big picture. When I’m aware of how much I have let stress take over, it helps me put everything back into perspective and get back on top of things.

So now what? Well, I’ve stopped worrying (for now). I have reminded myself of my priorities, and am ready to resume day to day life without worry. I’m making it a point this week to slow down and enjoy time with my kids. They have a magical view of the world, and when I see it through their eyes it’s almost like the clock stops (until the dishes need to be done). After all,

“This is Life don’t miss it”



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